今日はGnRHa v.s. hCGについてGnRH agonist trigger for women with breast cancer undergoing fertility preservation by aromatase inhibitor/FSH stimulation.乳癌患者さん対象、レトロゾール-rhFSHでtriggerがGnRHa(leuprolide、n=27) v.s. hCG(5000~10000IU、n=47)乳癌患者さん対象なので、E2を気にしている。analogの方が低い。GnRHa trigger resulted in a higher number and percentage of mature oocytes and a higher...


ではGnRHanalogでtriggerをかける際、使用するanalogで差はあるのか?Comparison of different protocols of ovulation induction, by GnRH agonists and chorionic gonadotropin何語の論文だ?フランス語?hCGに比べると黄体期が短いが、使うanalogで有意差はない。なんでもいいわけだ。Final oocyte maturation with two different GnRH agonists in antagonist co-treated cycles at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome...


hCGと同様にGnRHanalogが(hypo-hypo以外のtriggerに使えるわけです(もちろんLongやらShortでは使えませんが~この点がantagonist法の利点です)。ではGnRHanalogのtriggerについて見ていきます。GnRHas displace the GnRH antagonist from the GnRH receptor, leading to receptor activation and gonadotropin release from the pituitary gland.ということで、GnRH antagonistはcompetitive antagonistということですね。ただ...


Although hCG activates the LH receptor, it does not do so in an identical manner to LH.Receptors bound by hCG were immobile, whereas those bound by LH were rotationally mobile, potentially accounting for differences in receptor activation.Furthermore, intracellular signaling following activation of the LH receptor differs depending on the ligand bound. hCG possesses higher affinity for the LH re...


引き続き自習のメモ。Although estradiol is key in initiation of the mid-cycle LH surge, levels of progesterone during the follicular phase are also influential.Administration of progesterone can advance the timing of the LH surge; coadministration of progesterone with estradiol results in an LH surge of greater duration and amplitude than by estradiol alone.なるほど、LHサージはE2だけではないんだ。P...